IT Managed services are a must for small businesses.

Forbes recently published an interesting article about what IT managed services bring to the table.  This article emphasizes what we already know.  IT managed services are essential to grow your business.

  1. Your managed IT Service provider can assist in keeping everything up to date, including hardware and software. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are waiting to steal your information if given the opportunity to do so. Managed IT Services can prevent this from happening.
  2. The ability to get support in person and remotely.  95% of problems are software related and can easily be fixed through remote support. This is huge in today’s work environment, when most people are working from home. Giving your employees access to remote support can reduce stress and increase productivity,
  3. IT managed services Improve employee productiveness by providing speedy solutions to problems instead of tying employees up with complex technical issues.  The cost of downtime due to IT technical issues is high.  Having an IT expert solve these issues gives employees more time to work. These experts can efficiently help with your issue without you spending time guessing what the issue is.
  4. Get IT Services within your budget.  When you hire a managed IT services provider you can budget your annual IT costs. Also, you can get a better idea of what the price of keeping your technology up to date is.
  5. Crypolocker and malware protection – to protect your system from attacks. An IT managed service can install this protection, as well as back up your data.
  6. Webpage development services.  Update your website to keep it looking good and user friendly. IT managed service providers can sometimes host your website as well, so the development and hosting of your site is all done at the same place.
  7. Server maintenance.  Keep your server stable and available. Your IT team can also back it up if needed.
  8. Network uptime.  Keep your network up so your workers can stay busy. Nothing is more frustrating to employees than an unstable network with lots of outages. Managed IT services can keep your network running smoothly.                                

If your business doesn’t have IT managed services, or is looking into moving to a different provider, please contact us.