Salmon Bay Technology Location Open Call Service

Does your business rely on a single employee for opening your storefront location?

At Salmon Bay Technology we offer a location open call service. This is an automated tool that verifies if your location is open for business. If no one answers an incoming call, you will be notified that the store location is not open. This is a way to monitor if an employee isn’t on time and the business is closed during critical working hours.

It is a simple solution to verify that your business is up and running. It works this way. If your business opens at 7:00AM, an automated call will be made to your business at 7:00AM. If no one answers this call and presses 1, then the call is automatically forwarded to the next person in the hierarchy – for example the shift lead. If the shift lead does not answer the call, then it will advance to the manager, if the manager doesn’t answer the call, then the company owner would be next in line.

This call service will alert you if your employee is on time and has opened your business. If the shift lead or manager or owner gets the call, they will know that the employee is not at the storefront, and that the business is not open for customers. If this happens the manager can then go in and open the store, so customers are not turned away. This simple tool helps ensure that you are open for business and earning revenue.

Contact Salmon Bay Technology in order to implement the location open call service. This is just one solution we offer businesses. Check out our managed IT Services as well.