We are locally owned and operated since 2009 in the Ballard area of Seattle. We provide the best customer support in the field of technology and wireless internet for Seattle and its surrounding area.  We deliver simple, manageable and affordable information technology services designed to enhance the the success of small to medium sized businesses. We provide simple cost effective solutions that give you more peace of mind for your money.  We understand the challenges of running a business and remaining competitive.  Our service quality and response time provide the best value for your company.  But don’t take our word for it, read our stellar reviews on Yelp and Google.

Salmon Bay Technology is a Telecom Agent

We are a wireless internet provider and an independent agent for other national internet service providers. We provide third party quotes for internet and phones.  This is a free service, our commission is built into the product. We want to help you find the right internet solution and earn your trust so you come to us for your IT needs.

Salmon Bay Technology provides a complete package of services for your small business

Our affordable subscription based Help Desk services offer end-to-end business support. Our subscription includes Antivirus software and Remote Control software. We can also include Windows update Management which will save time when downloading updates.

Onsite and Remote Support

We offer both on site support for hardware and software set up, as well as remote support.  Our technicians are standing by to be dispatched to your location to provide repair and IT help.  Our remote support team will link to your computer and troubleshoot software issues while you watch.  Fact: 95% of all computer problems are software related. This means that in almost all cases we can solve your problems remotely.

Managing Windows

If your business operates with a Windows environment, we will improve efficiency as well as supervising each component.  We manage and support Windows Computers including Windows Workstations.  We also maintain and run existing Windows servers and install new servers. Under our watch Windows updates run smoothly.

We provide Enterprise Email solutions including Microsoft Office 365, required domain management, and SPAM filters.  We’re partnered with Google to provide our clients a simple, cloud-based solution for all of your email needs with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Workspace includes custom email, calendar, chat, drive, sheets, forms, and more. 

Enterprise Email Solutions

Let Salmon Bay Technology simplify your telephony and wireless internet needs 

We are a locally owned and operated Wireless Internet Service Provider.  Contact us for affordable Cloud Based PBX telephone services.

Salmon Bay Technology is a locally owned and operated Wireless Internet Service Provider

Domain Name Registration

We offer domain name registration through our GoDaddy Reseller account and are able to provide the same wide range of services at the same low cost, but with one key difference: local support, at no extra charge.  We are able to transfer your domain and migrate it to our website hosting.  Contact us to improve your web presence and decrease your stress level.

We provide affordable Cloud Based PBX telephone services that are a fraction of the cost of most PBX systems.  Upgrade your current phone infrastructure to brand new equipment with features such as call queues, ring groups, conference calls, and voicemail to email.  We can maintain the same phone system over multiple physical locations.

Cloud Based Phones

Salmon Bay Technology Managed Server Solution

Our Managed Server solution provides a one stop shop for all your data needs.

    • Our non-Windows server features FreeBSD, an operating system that has advanced networking, security, and storage features
    • Our Managed Server provides a trifecta of protection which neutralizes CryptoLocker attacks fast and effectively
    • It includes full offsite backup of all your data
    • Each Workstation is backed up for full recovery
    • Our servers feature Windows domain controller replacement with no Windows licensing fees

Salmon Bay Technology Security Package

Salmon Bay provides the best security package that money can buy with its Trifecta of protection.

    • Managed network with intrusion detection
    • InfraBoard managed intrusion detection
    • Managed Server
    • Workstation and server antivirus
    • Server and workstation backup
    • We will restore your infected computer for free

About Us

Salmon Bay Technology started out in 2009 as the brainchild of Erin O’Meara.  An Alaska native, Erin grew up in the Pacific Northwest.    Erin is passionate about developing and fostering a great organizational culture, strategic and critical thinking, and resilient business processes.  Erin is responsible for managing all aspects of the company’s operations and is committed to attracting the industry’s best and highest performing professionals.  When he’s not working to improve your business, Erin enjoys spending time with his family and boating.